Sweet, Savory, and Sensational! Teddie Peanut Butter Challenge a Huge Success

Everett High School Culinary Arts students showed off the full range of their skills during the 2nd Annual Teddie Peanut Butter Challenge, a fun competition in which students created a sweet or savory dish featuring the beloved product that is made here in Everett.

“I had high hopes as I arrived at EHS to serve as a judge, and I left in awe knowing the students exceeded those expectations,” said Superintendent Priya Tahiliani. “This was a genuinely awesome event of which the Culinary Arts students and staff should be immensely proud. I cannot conceive of a better showcase for their talents.”

Joining Superintendent Tahiliani at the judge’s table were Teddie Peanut Butter representatives Mark Nazarian, Brianna Soule, and Brittany L’Italien. They had the pleasure of tasting a wide range of dishes from Culinary Arts students:

Ashley Arriza Sageth

Nashaely Avila Ruiz

Zyana Betancur

Patrick Bien-Aime

Maria Cabral

Alessandro Diniz

Ricardo Dutra Lopez

Mathew Fonseca

Thomas Guerrero

Phat Nguyen

Elder Marin Vanegas

Heidi Orellana Ramos

Sabrina Santana Hernandez

Ohsemenard Vales

Dishes included chicken tacos with pickled onions, PB Lasagna, Fried PB chicken with broccoli and rice, pork kabobs with PB sauce, PB chicken curry, PB pork loin, and grilled salmon with PB dressing. Sweet selections included PB cookie cake, PB cheesecake, tres leche PB cake, and chocolate PB cake.

“It was, as promised, a Teddie Peanut Butter extravaganza,” Superintendent Tahiliani said. “It’s amazing how chefs can use one ingredient to express themselves so differently.”

After deliberate and close voting, the winners were:

Savory — Ohsemendard Vales and his Peanut Butter Salmon Cake over Peanut Butter Polenta and Soy-Peanut Butter “Caviar”

Sweet — Sabrina Santana Hernandez and her Peanut Butter and Jelly Roll-up Cake

The EPS thanks Teddie Peanut Butter for supporting this event and for being such a valued community partner.

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