DeMaria Announces Agreement To Introduce a Basic Life Support Ambulance Emergency Vehicle Into the EFD Fleet

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is pleased to announce, alongside Everett Fire Department (EFD) Acting Chief Scott Dalrymple and President of Everett Firefighters Union Local 143 Lieutenant Craig Hardy, the signing of an agreement to introduce a Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance Emergency Service Vehicle into the EFD fleet.

The majority of calls that the EFD responds to each year are for medical responses. Everett Fire Department’s first-ever ambulance will allow for quicker response times to residents’ medical emergencies and allow for possibly life-saving care to be administered with new equipment and increased professional training as EMTs.

“It’s always been my goal to make sure that the members of the Everett Fire Department have the training and equipment they need to serve our residents,” said Mayor DeMaria. “Residents should be reassured that if you need medical assistance, our EFD members will be there in minutes.”

Currently, the ambulance industry is dealing with staffing shortages, which has resulted in the possibility of longer wait times for emergency medical care. Equipping Everett Firefighters with an ambulance and EMT training will help combat this statewide issue for the residents of Everett.

Mayor DeMaria stated, “I want to thank Local 143 and the members of the EFD for sharing my commitment to offering our residents this important and potentially life-saving new service.”

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