Truck Driver Loaded with Fuel Charged with OUI Drugs Twice in One Day

The Everett Police reported that on Monday they charged a truck driver from Foxborough with operating under the influence of drugs not once, but twice in the same day.

The situation was dire right off the bat when police reported to the Produce Center area on the Everett side of the line for a semi-truck that wasn’t moving. The driver was operating a semi-truck loaded with fuel and was passed out behind the wheel.

Officers were able to quell the dangerous situation and the driver was summonsed for OUI drugs and sent to the CHA Everett for treatment.

Later in the day, he was released from the hospital and made his way back to the Produce Center where he had his personal vehicle. He got into his vehicle and soon got into a collision with another vehicle after crossing the middle line.

The same police officer responded and charged the man with OUI drugs for the second time that day.

A drug recognition expert was brought in from the Revere Police and determined he was intoxicated on a narcotic.

Kenneth Davis, 50, of Foxborough, was charged.

Police said it was a scary situation and they are encountering more and more drivers who have come to find themselves intoxicated on narcotics and passed out behind the wheel of a running vehicle.

The issue has become more common in surrounding cities as well.

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