Everett Teen Nominates Sen Warren at State Democratic Convention

A 17-year-old Everett youth got the first of what likely will be many moments in the spotlight last weekend when she was chosen to nominate U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren at the State Democratic Convention.

Everett High Junior Cyara Lambert was the youngest delegate to the convention, and she was joined by the oldest delegate (a 99-year-old woman) to co-nominate Sen. Warren.

“At the caucus in Everett earlier this year I wanted to see about becoming a delegate so they said I could be a youth delegate,” she said. “I didn’t even know that was possible, but I agreed to do it. Then, the day before the convention, the Warren Campaign reached out to me to see if I would nominate her. I sent the paperwork in and agreed to it. I think it kind of shows they’re different and how much things have changed and young people are getting more involved too. It was an interesting thing they did.”

Lambert said she got to meet Warren and signed her nomination papers before the senator addressed the convention.

“This is what democracy looks like,” Sen. Warren told the Independent in a statement. “Cyara and other young people like her are going to make the change this country needs. I’m just glad to have a chance to be part of this.”

Lambert has lived her entire life in Everett, going to the Maddie English and then on to Everett High.

A lover of photography, she is hoping to attend Rochester Institute of Technology or MassArt to study photography more in depth.

She said she got the political bug by hanging around with her mother, Samantha Lambert, who is involved with Sen. Sal DiDomenico and other local Everett politicians.

“We have a school activist club that I’m involved in that got me interested,” she said. “I’m also with my mother a lot and know Stephanie Martins and Sal DiDomenico. They had a big impact on me too.”

Lambert said she has learned about politics, and is also interested.

This year, she organized a student voter registration drive, informing students that they can register to vote as early as age 16 ½.

“A lot of kids didn’t know they could register that early to vote,” she said. “They called all of the students down that age or older and we had help from Mrs. Murphy and some of the people from City Hall. We had a lot of kids sign up.”

Lambert said she really enjoyed the experience at the State Democratic Convention, noting that she learned a lot about the process.

“I think I’ve only become more interested after this experience because all of the candidates were there and you got to hear them speak,” she said. “I got to hear how they view things. I kind of flip-flopped on my support after hearing a few of the speeches. I thought I had my mind made up, and then I liked what the other person said and changed my vote. I liked that process.”

As for her future in politics, she said she isn’t interested in running for office, but could see herself working behind the scenes.

“I think I’d be more interested in being on the sidelines of a campaign,” she said. “I have a friend who wants to run for office and I think I could help here. I think photography and public policy can go hand in hand.”

Lambert is the daughter of Jason and Samantha Lambert.

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