Despite Change in T Land Sale to Wynn, Revere Mayor Still has Concerns

One major concern for Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo has been put to rest in the MBTA land sale with Wynn Resorts on Lower Broadway, but the problems are not over for the mayor to the east.

Rob DeSalvio, senior vice president of development, recently told the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) that recent land surveys have shown that Wynn will not need a portion of the railroad right-of-way that was previously part of the $6 million access road land sale.

“The good news, we found out there had been some questions about a right-of-way issue back with the tracks,” said DeSalvio. “And after going through..the survey work and at a meeting…with the MBTA, we realized we don’t need that property as part of it. So, that sort of takes one complication in that particular transaction off the table completely. So, right now the main focus is our team working with the MBTA and their operations team to make sure that we can get done what we need to get done, but also recognizing the importance of that MBTA facility and making sure that their operations can go on just as smoothly.”

Rizzo submitted a letter on Oct. 29 to follow up his Oct. 2 letter that took issue with the land sale and its process conducted by the MBTA. In the most recent letter, he said he was glad to hear that the right-of-way would not be used, but also that his concerns are not resolved.

“The MBTA has still not addressed other key questions about this procurement,” he wrote. “First, instead of seeking proposals from all prospective purchasers as required by state law, the MBTA asked prospective purchasers to better an offer it received from Wynn. That offer, of course, had been pre-negotiated over a  long period of time behind closed doors…”

Rizzo also said he was concerned that most of the stipulations and conditions in the sale offer are to the benefit of Wynn and not the MBTA.

He also indicated that there is no second means of access to the project, which was pointed out by Suffolk Downs officials recently.

DeSalvio, at the Oct. 23 meeting of the MGC said the company is working on procuring land for a second access point to the property.

Rizzo indicated there is plenty of time to make the corrections required that would alleviate his concerns over the sale.

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