Wynn Working on Redesign of Casino Tower

Wynn Resorts officials late last month told the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) that – if Question 3 is defeated – they are ready to unveil a new design for the proposed casino on Lower Broadway.
The MGC had asked Wynn to redesign the tower concept that has served as the face of the project since it was formally proposed.
“I can tell you that serious work is being done on that front,” said Robert DeSalvio, senior vice president of development for Wynn, at an Oct. 23 meeting. “I was in Las Vegas for the last couple of weeks working alongside with Mr. Wynn and the architecture and interior design team. And they have some terrific ideas that we’ll be prepared to show you in a little bit. They want to conclude the work that they’ve been working on. And quite honestly, it’s not just the hotel tower. Mr. Wynn really takes very seriously the entire arrival sequence and what the guests see as they enter the property…So, that work is underway. We took your direction seriously. And we’re looking forward to presenting that at a later date.”
Representatives from the company have told the Independent that such plans will be ready if Question 3 is defeated, and the organization puts the pedal to the medal.
In other updates at the MGC meeting, DeSalvio told the Commission that Wynn plans to submit its Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Report (SFEIR) on traffic to state regulators before the end of the year. That report primarily focused on traffic in Sullivan Square, and DeSalvio said there are meetings about two times a week on the issue. He said they are going very well.
“We are looking in the Phase 1 Sullivan Square, the DOT had some great suggestions about one of the intersections,” he said. “It was one that we had not re-signalized. We talked about some realignments of the sidewalks and the curbing to provide better pedestrian access. So, each of the meetings goes through in sort of painstaking detail making sure that we’ve got the right plans in place. So, that work is going well.”
Other discussions have been around Santilli Circle in Everett.
“That’s where we have a very large piece of mitigation with the new flyover bridge,” he said. “We got some excellent feedback from DOT and some of the engineers about making that transition go smoother. It’s a very important intersection for those that might arrive from the North at our property.”

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