The House of Representatives Votes Favorably to Fund Everett’s Edward G. Connelly Center

With the cooperation and leadership of Everett’s Mayor Carlo DeMaria, State Representative Wayne Matewsky, House Ways & Means Chairmen, Brian Dempsey, House Leader, Paul Donato (Medford), Mystic Valley Elderly Affairs Director, Dan O’Leary, and Everett’s Counsel on Aging Director, Carolyn Lightburn, accumulatively and collectively joined together to advance an amendment to provide funding for the remodeling of the Edward G. Connolly Centers kitchen. This amendments primary sponsor in the House of Representative was Wayne Matewsky, being significantly co-sponsored by Paul Donato. This amendment has passed the House and now moves on to the Senate for favorable action.

This amendment had been derailed over the past several years predicated on the understanding that the funds generated for this initiative would be applied from elderly services from the Council on Aging funding. However, with the insight of Chairman Dempsey and Representative Matewsky they moved this amendment forward without any funds being abstracted from elderly services. Therein, Representatives Matewsky and Donato were able to make their case before the House of Representatives in acquiring a favorable approval for funding. Senator Sal DiDomenico, has affirmed that he will vote favorable on this amendment and will perform his due diligence in helping this initiative moved forward on the floor of Senate.

The Connolly Center provides stability, interaction and meals on a daily basis to Everett’s seniors. The center too serves a diverse range of specialized programs and daily activities for seniors and equally is utilized by the city and residents for special events. Unfortunately, the facility has fallen into disrepair and requires upgrading for the safe working environment of staff, volunteers and the wellbeing of seniors. The upgrading of the facility will accomplish increased utilization of the facility and in the future will also provide seniors with expanded utilization.

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