Senator DiDomenico Secures $3.75 Million in Transportation Bond Bill

As a direct result of Senator Sal DiDomenico’s advocacy, the Transportation Bond Bill, recently released from the Senate Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures, and State Assets, includes $3.5 million for the reconstruction of Beacham Street and $250,000 for a study to examine the potential of establishing a commuter rail stop in Everett.

“During my discussions with Senate leadership, I made it clear that these projects were two of my top priorities for the Transportation Bond Bill,” said Senator Sal DiDomenico. “This funding will improve and expand transportation options and will lead to economic development for our residents and businesses, and I am happy to have delivered for Everett.”

Beacham Street, which is in need of substantial reconstruction, is a critical roadway for commerce and economic development efforts for the city of Everett and is one of the most heavily traveled thoroughfares in the metro Boston area.  A commuter rail stop would bring even further development opportunities for the city and would give residents greater access to regional transportation.

The bill is scheduled to be debated by the Senate in early March and will be sent to Governor Patrick for the authorization of funds.

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