Police Briefs 03-05-2014

Tuesday, 2/11

Andrea Lynn Sheehan, 42, 34 Bradford St., Everett, was arrested with illegal possession of a Class B substance.

Wednesday, 2/12

Jose Gorgonio Zepeda, 28, 711 Broadway, Everett, was arrested with domestic assault and battery.

Thursday, 2/13

Matthew Cummings, 23, 43 Clafin St., Framingham, was arrested on two warrants.

Carlos Rivas, 26, 33 Hosmer St., Everett, was arrested on two warrants.

James Ward, 40, 760 Broadway, Everett, was arrested with operating a motor vehicle with suspended license and an arrest warrant.

Friday, 2/14

Raul Freo-Freo, 25, Worcester St., Lynn, was arrested with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and an arrest warrant.

Franky LaPorta, 30, 199 Pearl St., Somerville, was arrested with shoplifting and assault and battery.

Mario Passanisi, 36, 314 Broadway, Everett, was arrested for domestic assault and battery.

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