Ballot Lottery to Be Held Monday at City Hall: Campaigns for New City Council to Kick into High Gear

If you thought the lead up to last week’s Primary Election was interesting brace yourself, because the next five weeks do not represent simply the build up to another city election.

The next five weeks represent the main campaign season for an entire new form of government to take office on January 1, 2014.

With the primaries now decided in the races for Mayor, Ward 2, Ward 5 and Ward 6, the rest of the field of candidates hoping to sit on the new City Council on January 1 will surely begin to meet, greet, hold signs, advertise and otherwise ask voters for their support.

City Clerk Michael Matarazzo confirmed on Monday that the ballot position lottery for the citywide general election will be held on Monday, September 30 at City Hall in the Council chambers on the third floor. Each of the remaining candidates for office will likely be on hand to find out where they will be listed on the November 5 ballot.

Since there are races in every council seat except one, the chamber could be crowded on Monday afternoon.

Below is a quick breakout of the candidates who will appear on the ballot in November, along with the office they are seeking.

The only candidates who are not facing competition for their seats are Michael Marchese who is on the ballot to be the first City Councilor from Ward 3  and the incumbent School Committee members all of whom are up for election and all of whom are running unopposed.

Candidates are listed below in alphabetical order, by their last name, since ballot positions have not been determined yet.


Carlo DeMaria Jr.

Robert Van Campen

Councilor At-Large

Leo Barrett

Richard DellIsola

John F. Hanlon

Leonard Jordan

Michael Mangan

Joseph Paul Marchese

Joseph W. McGonagle Jr.

Peter Napolitano

Cynthia Sarnie

Ward 1 Councilor

Fred Capone

Sergio Cornelio

Ward 2 Councilor

Jason Marcus

Stephen Simonelli

Ward 3 Councilor

Michael Marchese

Ward 4 Councilor

John Leo McKinnon

Dominic Puleo

Ward 5 Councilor

Rosa DiFlorio

Robert Sansone

Ward 6 Councilor

Michael McLaughlin

Sal Sachetta

School Committe At-Large

Richard Baniewicz

Berardino D’Onofrio

Lester McLaughlin

School Committee Ward 1

Allen Panarese

School Committee Ward 2

Joseph A. LaMonica

School Committee Ward 3

Francis Parker Jr.

School Committee Ward 4

David M. Ela Jr.

School Committee Ward 5

Robert Carreiro

School Committee Ward 6

Thomas E. Abruzzese

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