Glendale Park Nearly Complete: ‘Soft Opening’ Anticipated Next Week

The Board of Aldermen approved a request for the city to authorize an easement underneath the new Glendale Park to National Grid, so that the new park’s power supply can be run underground and allow the long-running renovation to be completed.

According to Planning and Development Director James Errickson, who appeared before the Board Monday to answer questions about the easement request, the final work at the park is on-going and once the power supply can be completed, the city anticipates being able to open the park in a matter of days.

“Our goal is to get all of the work done by next week, but we realize it may take a little longer,” explained Errickson. “Realistically, I think we could have the park opened to residents, in a soft opening, by the end of next week.”

Errickson told the board that the project has largely run smoothly, but following the meeting did note that there were a few project delays caused by soggy weather at the beginning of the spring and delays caused by the need to negotiate the easement for power supply.

“It’s actually really been a very good project and we’re very happy that is almost completed, we’re just getting down to the close out of construction here and trying to get the final pieces completed.”

According to Errickson, the new power supply will actually tie into a new pole that was installed across the street from the park, in front of the Recreation Center, and conduit is being run beneath the street and below the crosswalk there, to allow an ease of access, in case of future need to get into the underground power lines.

The new power service will provide electricity for all of the park’s needs including all lighting, the scoreboard and irrigation systems at the park.

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