Mayor Carlo DeMaria

The people of Everett have spoken loudly and clearly.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria has been re-elected by a wide margin to his third term.

Mayor DeMaria’s re-election by voters here was hardly a surprise. Over the years, he has somehow managed to take the vitriol out and improve the personal nature of politics here to a higher level by paying closer attention to policy than to personality and by running the city’s finances with a firm hand.

He received a huge, unambiguous endorsement from voters  indicating they are pleased with the job he has been doing.

DeMaria still faces some high hurdles running this city given the state of the economy and the fact that there is virtually no job creation or expansion of the local commercial marketplace.

In addition, he faces an unusually high and untenable commercial tax rate, which he must ultimately deal with if this city is to experience real growth in the years to come.

However, Everett remains a city that is far from broke with a nice cash balance in its treasury and a nice cash flow of tax dollars from major industries located here.

Another challenge the mayor faces is that Everett is a changing place with new constituencies who all have special needs and so the mayor must continue reaching out to Everett’s newcomers in order to make their integration into the city seamless, full and complete.

The mayor ran a good campaign. He’s run the city with competence and vigor.

We congratulate him on his victory.

We wish him the best.

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