The cruel irony in politics

Sal DiDomenico won the special election – the first big battle – but Cambridge Attorney Tim Flaherty may win the war.

Flaherty is already collecting signatures for a senate primary run in September.

DiDomenico is also gathering signatures for the same effort.

There is no rest for the weary and these two are ready to go at it again, head to head this time, in the regular scheduled election.

This time around, the Everett vote will probably not be the defining difference in the election because Flaherty could come out of Cambridge as the only candidate.

Bottom line, Flaherty and DiDomenico will be out campaigning, raising money, and doing everything they’ve just done in the special election all over again.

We have spoken with both candidates and we get the strong feeling this is a tough fight to the finish.

If ever there was a time to thank oneself for not being in politics, this is it.

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