Everett’s Big Bellies

The city has rolled out the Big Belly barrels that are solar powered, immune from the elements and closed off to rodents.

Many of you will notice them in various parts of the city where they have been deployed.

The mayor has shown great vision in purchasing these barrels.

Since they are trash compactors as well as barrels, they need to be emptied fewer times, which saves on fuel, man-hours and truck trips around the city.

Also, they are solar powered, they require no energy but that of the sun in order to operate – and because they are, as well, equipped with special electronics – those in charge of emptying city owned barrels know when the barrels are full by reading a monitor inside the Department of Public Works, and then a truck is dispatched, and on and on.

Once again, it is this type of modern product – state of the art – which is helping to enhance the job government is supposed to do.

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