Large number of absentee ballots Results in SS investigation request

Everett had more absentee ballots tallied in the last election than in any of the neighboring .

As a result, the School Committee has asked the Secretary of State’s office to investigate Everett’s absentee ballot situation.

According to voting records on file, Everett sent out 800 absentee ballots compared with neighboring Chelsea, which sent out 126. Chelsea’s population of 35,000 is close to Everett’s with 38,000.

More importantly, records reveal that cities with much larger populations than Everett – such as Medford, with 55,000 and Malden with 58,000, sent out far fewer absentee ballots – 310 and 500 respectively.

School Committee officials are concerned that something is wrong with Everett’s absentee ballot situation.

In the last election, Everett sent out 800 absentee ballots. Six-hundred and ten were returned.

As a percentage of registered voters, Everett’s absentees stand at 4% compared with Revere, which sent out 400 and received back 358 or 1.7 percent.

In Somerville, absentee votes sent out numbered 156 while those returned amounted to 111. Somerville has a population of 78,000.

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