Absentee ballots

The city of Everett has a problem with absentee ballots.

There are presently 800 absentee ballots on the books here and before the last election, they were all sent out.

Something like 610 came back – the largest number percentage wise of absentee ballots in any city in this part of the region.

Is it possible 800 official residents of this city are living elsewhere, when in Somerville, which has 78,000 residents, there are only 156 absentee ballots?

One has to ask themselves – is the Everett absentee ballot situation realistic?

On its face, it seems to be.

A closer look may reveal something else – it always does.

The School Committee has done the right thing asking the Secretary of State to check into Everett’s absentee ballot situation.

Something isn’t right with it. The numbers are simply too high, which can lead to unfair advantages being given to some candidates who take advantage of the system.

Whatever the problem, it needs to be solved.

If everything about our 800 absentee voters is the way it ought to be – good.

If it isn’t, then lets get on with correcting the system.

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