Stellar Displays of Resiliency: New Initiative Launched To Honor EHS Students

Evolving from the hard work and inspiration they brought to the recently completed accreditation process, Everett High School leaders last week launched a recognition program that directly ties to the school’s Vision of the Graduate (VOG).

Six Everett High School (EHS) students were presented with the first-ever VOG Recognition Award for Resiliency during a brief gathering inside Principal Dennis Lynch’s office on Thursday, January 4, 2024. As stated on the certificates they received, the recipients were nominated by one of their teachers for demonstrating “Tenacity, Flexibility, Courage, Optimism, and a Growth Mindset.” 

“I love everything about this initiative,” said Superintendent of Schools William Hart. “It is an ideal way for our teachers to celebrate the hard work, perseverance, and talents of our students.”

Throughout 2023, EHS developed formal reports and strategies as part of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) accreditation process. While NEASC’s formal decision will be released and shared with the community later this year, the process has already yielded important results. Chief among them was the creation of the VOG, which states:

Everett High School graduates will be:

• Resilient

• Innovative

• Self-Aware

• Empowered

• Service-Minded

To embed the VOG into the school’s culture, accreditation leaders — Health and Wellness Coordinator Julie Ann Whitson and English Language Arts Department Chair Ryan McGowan — established the awards program for students who exemplify the characteristics of the VOG. 

It launched with December’s “Resiliency” award winners. The recipients were Andrea Corronado

(nominated by EYC teacher Dana Lipper), Kaylee DeCastro (guidance counselor Amelia Linehan), Laura Sanchez Cespedes (art teacher Josephine Dougan), Gabrielle De Gouveia (math teacher Amy Brogna), Angie Opsina Torres (history teacher Andrew St. Pierre), and Tyana Williams (Spanish teacher Sara Colosimo).

The nominating teachers wrote descriptions about the students, which were read by Mr. Lynch, Ms. Whitson, and Mr. McGowan on January 4. The recipients received colorful certificates and Target gift cards.

In the coming months, students will be honored for displaying innovation, self-awareness, empowerment, and school and community service.

“I look forward to attending all future VOG Recognition Award ceremonies,” said Superintendent Hart. “My applause to the EHS team for finding such a creative, positive, and multifaceted way to highlight our students and high school.” 

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