City Council Focuses In on Curb Extensions at Meeting

Some motorists call them “bump-outs.” Others simply call them curb extensions.

Whatever the nomenclature, some of the bump-outs have been a source of concern for drivers, including members of the Everett City Council.

The bump-outs have become more prominent in the city as the state continues its major street and sidewalk project. The Council discussed the issue at its meeting Monday night.

Councilor-at-Large Stephanie Smith said she experienced the “bump-out” problem firsthand while driving her vehicle on Elm Street.

“I actually hit it and got a flat tire on the back tire, and I couldn’t figure out where I got it, and I tracked this to right here,” Smith told her colleagues. “I’d like to somehow figure out how we can make the bump-outs much smaller, because it cost me $500 to get a new tire last week, and it was the back tire because of this bump-out.”

Ward 2 Councilor Stephanie Martins said some of her constituents have been complaining about the bump-out located at the Corner of Elm Street and Woodlawn Street. Martins also expressed concern about the “detour” signs in the city “which are sending you in different directions and they’re not communicating, so we need to fix that.”

Ward 6 Councilor Al Lattanzi said he smashed the right rear tire on his vehicle at a bump-out on Air Force Road “because it was dark at night, and you didn’t realize the bump-out was that far out.”

“So that cost me a few bucks. I think getting rid of bump-outs is a great idea, and if there’s a petition, I’m for it,” said Lattanzi.

Costa Seeks Community Forum

Ward 3 Councilor Darren Costa would like the city to hold a community forum so residents across the city can give their feedback on the bump-out situation. “It would be nice for the administration to consider that forum, because this is affecting multiple wards,” said Costa. “I’d like a representative from the state [MassDOT] to be able to hear from residents and give us an update on the project and address issues such as the cracked sidewalks [on Elm Street].”

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