Harvard Kennedy Students Present at City Hall

Special to the Independent

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and members of City staff were pleased to be joined by students from the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) for a presentation on their semester-long project focusing on the opportunity for redevelopment at the 96.5-acre Exxon Mobil site.

Utilizing Mayor DeMaria’s vision of the Lower Broadway Economic Development District to create a more vibrant district by replacing the unsightly and toxic parcels with highest and best uses, the students put together redevelopment scenarios through collaboration with local and State officials.

Mayor DeMaria and members of City staff were pleased to joined by students, staff and faculty from the Harvard Kennedy School.
A virtual reality of the site brought to life the vision shared by the City of Everett and Harvard Kennedy School students.

Throughout the presentation, it was heavily emphasized that transportation improvements, such as the extension of the Silver Line and the installation of a Commuter Rail station in the area, are essential to achieving a high-density development that brings thousands of new jobs, residential units, and engaging retail.

The presentation concluded with an immersive Virtual Reality tour of the site, bringing to life the vision shared by both the City of Everett and the HKS students.

Mayor DeMaria would like to thank Professor Linda Bilmes, the HKS faculty and the students – Nicole Cacozza, Mengyao Li, Zoe Iacovino, Monserrat Ocana and Femi Olamijulo – for their incredible work and looks forward to their continued partnership.

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