Local Students Earn Academic Honors

Everett Junior Experiences Taste of College

Nearly 100 sophomores and juniors from high schools in Greater Boston, including one from Everett, will be spending part of their summer taking college courses at some of the most prestigious colleges in the country thanks to a program sponsored by Minds Matter Boston.

The program is designed to provide students with valuable exposure to life on a college campus, engage with college-level courses and schedules, and better position themselves for the transition to college once they graduate. They will also gain insight into the choices they have for major concentrations and eventual careers. Many of the students will also earn college credits depending on the program.

Helena De Almeida, who just completed her junior year at Prospect Hill Academy Charter School. will be participating in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community program. The summer terms start this month; some range from three-six weeks long.

“These students’ personal growth and successes encapsulate what we do at Minds Matter,” said Executive Director Rachel Kanter. “Their determination and talent, coupled with the support and advice of their mentors, helped them excel in school and develop a sense of community. The opportunity to experience college life and college courses while still in high school will prepare them for the next stage of their education and beyond.”

Minds Matter Boston (MMB) is a mentoring organization devoted to connecting driven and determined students from low-income backgrounds with people and opportunities to support success in college and beyond. At MMB, these students are provided with intensive 2:1 mentoring, professional ACT and writing instruction, wide access to college-immersion summer programs and personalized college advising to ensure that these promising students earn their college admission and experience college success. The program, which introduces students to new experiences and acts as a catalyst for their enthusiasm to pursue a four-year degree, is just one of many impactful Minds Matter programs conducted in cities across the United States.

Volunteers from various Boston businesses and organizations dedicate hundreds of hours over three years to guide their mentees through college prep, as well as helping them to navigate the college application and grant and scholarship application processes.

To learn more about MMB and how to get involved, visit https://www.mindsmatterboston.org/

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