Lottery Player Wins $1 Million Prize at Everett Square Convenience Store

A lottery player who regularly purchases his tickets at Everett Square Convenience won a $1 million prize on his Diamonds 50X instant ticket at the store Sunday.

The lucky resident matched the No. 19 on the “Your Numbers” portion of the ticket to the No. 19 under the “Winning Numbers” portion of the $10 ticket. Sunday’s date was June 19, which was Father’s Day.

A copy of the $1 million prize-winning instant ticket is shown above.

“He scratched the ticket and brought it to the counter and asked, ‘Can you check the ticket to see how much I won?’” related the store manager. “I looked at the ticket and told him, ‘You have won one million dollars.’’’ “He was very excited.”

The store manager said the man was a regular customer.

This was Everett Square Convenience’s first $1 million winning ticket, according to the store manager. He said the store will receive $10,000 for selling the winning ticket.

The identity of the $1 million prize winner was not known at press time.

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