Guest Op-Ed: A Community Must Honor Its Seniors

By Councilor Fred Capone

Our Seniors have much to offer, a lifetime of experience and wisdom to share.  Seniors should be respected and appreciated.  My grandmother, Lena Navarro, inspired me to engage in public service.  Active in numerous charitable organizations, her favorite volunteer effort was serving on the Everett Council on Aging. As a young man, I served on the Common Council and would often visit my grandmother and other seniors at the former Armory – now the Connolly Center.   Whenever I visit the Center, I recall all those wonderful memories. 

Dale Palma, Director of the Council on Aging and an exceptional employee, does a tremendous job serving our seniors.  However, there are many things we can do to improve the quality of life for our seniors.  The Connolly Center should be updated to better serve their needs.  We should constantly add and improve services, increase instructional and volunteer opportunities, and increase entertainment activities.  Seminars to educate and inform our seniors should be conducted more frequently. Outdoor exercise programs would offer a change of scenery and fresh air.  I would like to enhance volunteer opportunities with the city to help seniors reduce their real estate tax burdens, and establish programs to assist seniors experiencing financial difficulties. 

A significant concern for many seniors is lack of reliable, affordable transportation.  Many seniors miss out on city sponsored events and incur difficulty running basic errands due to transportation issues.  I would like to implement a senior shuttle that travels to key locations and special events within our city.  Outreach services should be expanded to those seniors who cannot travel.  I would appoint a city liaison, dedicated exclusively to address issues facing our seniors, to help reduce frustration and confusion with regard to senior-related matters.     

As your Mayor, no senior will lack the basic necessities to enjoy their Golden years and we will continuously find ways to enhance their quality of life.  For other areas of concern or ideas, please visit my webpage at

Fred Capone is a City Councilor, and a candidate for mayor.

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