Former Ward Councilman Ken Giannelli Announces His Candidacy for Council At-Large

Former Ward Councilman Ken Giannelli announces his candidacy for Council at-large, the following is his statement:

My name is Ken Giannelli and I am officially announcing my candidacy for council at large. It is with great pride and love for the City of Everett that I come to you the residents of Everett and ask for your support once again. In 2010 with your trust and support I was elected and re-elected as your Ward 1 councilman. Over 100 years ago the Giannelli family became part of the Everett community starting with my grandparents coming from Italy to Ellis Island, NY, in 1912 and finding their way to Everett in 1918. I am the very proud son of former Ward 1 Councilman Carlo Ike Giannelli and my beautiful mom, Rose Caiazzo.

I am the very proud nephew of Everett football legends Mario ‘yo-yo’ Giannelli and Everett’s great running back, George Caiazzo. I was not only raised in Everett, but also I have been a resident of Everett for over 50 years myself. I have been blessed with traditional values including a belief in in God, country, family, and in people helping people. Previously as your councilman I thrived in getting things done in our community. Even when I was told that things seemed impossible, I was encouraged to work that much harder. In my previous terms I sponsored and proudly had passed numerous public safety resolutions. I will only continue to bring that same energy again. I will work with my colleagues at the City and state levels to ensure safety and high quality of life for all of our Everett residents. I love our city I was born here, raised here, graduated from Everett High School, played here and coached sports here. I am Everett and I am for Everett.  Residents of Everett, I ask again for your continued support for I can’t do this without you. As I proved before,  I will prove again and again. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Ken Giannelli.

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