Congress Funds Low-Income Ratepayer Relief, Perhaps More Assistance on the Way

The MWRA Advisory Board reported that the recent federal COVID Relief bill contained significant resources to help low-income residents in the MWRA communities with assistance.

As part of its FY 2021 appropriations and COVID-19 relief bill passed in December, Congress included $638 million in assistance for low-income water and wastewater ratepayers, said the Advisory Board.

The Board reported in its January newsletter that it anticipates there could be more ratepayer relief in future federal funding bills.

In anticipation of that, Advisory Board staff will be sending out a brief survey to member communities to better understand the impacts that the pandemic has had upon the water and sewer programs. They would also like to know what types of federal funding or programs might best help communities or ratepayers.

Responses will help them advocate better on behalf of member communities, they reported.

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