Everett High School Students Visit City Hall With City Council President Wayne Mmatewsky

City Council President Wayne Matewsky welcomed two Everett High School students to join him for a tour of City Hall on Tuesday, January 26th. The two students, Kien Lau and Samaga Pokharel, weråe very excited for their visit.

“It was so great to see Kien and Samaga,” said President Matewsky. “I was proud to guide them on a visit of City Hall. It’s young members of the community like Kien and Samaga that help shape our great City’s future.”

Lau is a Sophomore at Everett High School who has a deep interest in city government. He and his family moved to Everett from Vietnam when he was five years old and has valued every moment of his education. Lau feels that it is important for young minorities to have a voice in the City of Everett.

Pokharel is a Junior at Everett High School who is also very interested in city government. Her family is from Nepal, and she is excited about helping people and making a difference. Pokharel also feels that it is important for young minorities in the City of Everett to speak up and ensure that everyone has a voice.

During the visit, President Matewsky brought Lau and Pokharel to the City Chambers. He provided them with a brief history and explained to them how a meeting is conducted. They proceeded to meet with Mayor Carlo DeMaria in his office.

“It is truly inspirational that members of our youth have such as interest in city government,” said Mayor DeMaria. “I have extended an open invitation to Kien and Samaga to return to City Hall and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Mayor DeMaria concluded their visit by presenting them with citations from the City of Everett to acknowledge their enthusiasm in city government. He hopes that Lau and Pokharel will inspire other young members of the community to take an interest and become involved in the City.

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