2021 Residential Parking Sticker Information

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is pleased to announce the official start date for the 2021 Residential Parking Sticker Program and would like to remind residents of the method for renewing residential parking stickers.

Effective Monday, January 4, vehicle owners must visit the website

https://epay.cityhallsystems.com and submit an online application in order to obtain their 2021 resident parking stickers. Once the online application is complete, stickers will then be mailed directly to the resident. A link to the website will also be available

on the city’s official website, cityofeverett.com as well as the City’s Facebook Page.

As a courtesy, from January 4 to February 28th, stickers may be obtained for FREE.

Then, beginning March 1st, the $10 fee per sticker will once again be reinstated.

Residents may apply for up to 4 stickers per online application. Information required to complete the application includes name, address, license plate number, the name that appears on the registration, email and phone number. Once a resident has successfully submitted an application, they will receive an email notification of the order. Upon verification of their information, the resident will then receive an additional email as confirmation that the order has been successfully processed. The parking sticker will then be mailed to the resident.  Please be advised that in order for a resident sticker to be approved, the vehicle must be registered to the city of Everett, and the vehicle must be in good standing with the city of Everett (no overdue parking tickets or excise tax) 2021 resident stickers must be obtained and displayed on your vehicle prior to March 1, 2021.

Residents applying for a first time sticker (new plates/vehicles) Please come directly to city hall (room 13) with your vehicle’s registration and proof of address (driver’s license or current utility bill) to obtain a parking sticker.

Residents of the Lower Broadway area: In order to renew your parking sticker please visit city hall (room 13) beginning Jan 4 to renew your Lower Broadway sticker and visitor placard.  Please bring your registration, proof of Lower Broadway area address (driver’s license or current utility bill) and last year’s visitor placard to renew.

For questions regarding the residential parking sticker program or the online application contact the Parking Clerk’s Office at 617.394.2295/ 617-394-2275.

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