Everett Voters Goes Big for Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden cleaned up in Everett on Tuesday, Nov. 3, in the extended General Election cycle for 2020, getting 10,343 votes to President Donald Trump’s 4,022 votes.

While there were still legal challenges mounted nationwide to the razor-thin margins in other areas of the country, the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Democratic ticket had been tapped as the likely winner of the General Election.

It was no surprise that Biden took the City, getting more than 1,000 votes just in Ward 6-2 – a bellwether of the huge turnout that showed up to the polls and through the mail this time around. Of the 20,000 registered voters, there was a 73 percent turnout in all – which was 14,653 total ballots cast. That was short of the 16,000 votes predicted earlier in the election cycle during Early Voting, but it was still comparable to the turnout in the 2016 General Election. It went to show that turnout was quite high in Everett during the Early Voting periods, but seemed to flatline on Election Day – with most polls very slow all day Tuesday and having no lines like other polling places around the region.

In two interesting turns, the ballot questions provided some intrigue in the city.

The Automotive Repair Question 1 was approved with a huge vote on Tuesday, winning 9,421 to 4,095.

The Ranked Choice Voting Question 2 barely lost though in a very tight battle, getting 6,763 ‘no’ votes to 6,473 ‘yes’ votes.

Democratic Sen. Ed Markey bested Republican challenger Kevin O’Connor with 10,939 votes to 3,215 votes. Markey had 75 percent of the vote in Everett, with only a minimal number of blank votes at 414.

The largest vote of the night came for State Sen. Sal DiDomenico, who was unopposed in the election, but nabbed 12,038 votes. That was more votes than even Biden received in Everett by a long shot.

State Rep. Joe McGonagle was unopposed in the General Election, and registered 11,997 votes. Congressman Ayanna Pressley got 10,263 votes to best her challenger Roy Owens in Everett, who got 3,181 votes.

In Everett, Governor’s Councilor Terrence Kennedy got 11,697 votes.

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