Encore Boston Harbor to File Suit Against Party Host

Encore Boston Harbor is planning to file a lawsuit against the host of an August party for damages related to the high-profile incident that attracted more than 100 people to a hotel suite – as well as a DJ and adult dancers.

Eric Kraus of Encore said the resort has filed a suit against the Dracut man for $27,000 to cover damages from the out-of-control party in the hotel.

“The biggest thing is always that the health and safety of our guests and employees is paramount,” he said. “We will enforce our safety protocols, including taking legal action.”

Encore was unaware apparently of the party in mid-August that attracted a good deal of attention on social media and led to warnings from inside and outside the resort. However, the messages of a problem didn’t reach the right people until around 3 a.m. when State Police and internal security went to the 12th floor suite and found in excess of 100 people in the suite and a raging party going on. After an investigation by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), the agency issued the resort a Notice of Non-Compliance with the governor’s protocols. Encore, for its part, did respond quickly – the MGC said – and instituted the suggested new protocols and even more onerous ones that included a fine of $3,000 for anyone violating the occupancy policies in the hotel.

The Dracut man was cited by State Police, and was also levied a $500 fine for violating the governor’s COVID-19 protocols. Now, Encore is also looking to recover damages to their property from the man and set the tone going forward for any guests who think they might try to pull off the same kind of party.

“We take this really seriously and we are going to do everything we possibly can for our guests not to exceed the maximum occupancy of our rooms and suites and ensure our guests and employees are safe,” Kraus said.

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