McLaughlin Issues Second Debate Challenge to Rep. McGonagle

As candidates enter the final weeks of the 2020 State Representative campaign, candidate for state representative Michael McLaughlin has challenged State Rep. Joe McGonagle to a socially distanced debate for the second time in two weeks.

“I will make myself available 24 hours a day 7 days a week,” said McLaughlin. “He can name the location, time, place and can count me in. I strongly believe this would be a great opportunity to allow the voters of Everett to hear from us directly and help make their decision clearer on the facts and our records before voting. I hope to hear from Representative McGonagle in the coming days on his decision because I have yet to in the past two weeks. I am at the ready. The only question left is where is Representative McGonagle?”

Seeing that nothing is any kind of normal that could have been imagined in February when nomination papers became available, McLaughlin said he strongly believes that the voters of Everett should hear directly from Representative Joe McGonagle and himself on the radically different issues facing the city and state since COVID-19 hit.

“I called on Representative McGonagle two weeks ago and I do the same today and put out the same challenge to State Representative McGonagle that we both work together immediately to see if a one-hour debate can occur and be shown as often as possible on ECTV and covered by the local news media over the next 19 days,” he said. “I have had business leaders contact me interested in hosting this debate. Unfortunately I have not heard from the Everett Democratic City Committee regarding hosting this debate for our residents.”

McLaughlin suggested it could be held in the ECTV studio following social distancing guidelines. He said he is available and ready to work with Rep. McGonagle to make this a possibility in the coming days.

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