Letters to the Editor

Fireworks have become an unacceptable BANG in our community!

To the Editor:

In the past several weeks I have received an abundance of phone calls, texts, emails and individuals stopping me on the street to stress to me the negative impact of fireworks that are illegally being set off causing anxiety to their quality of life. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic that we are trying to overcome and the unforeseen anxiety that we have adapted to was a challenge enough. We didn’t get through this together to now be startled by loud bangs and the intentional and constant lighting off fireworks that is ignorant and unacceptable. Our elderly residents, children, pets and those suffering with medical conditions should not be startled in the middle of the night by this “noise,” never mind the chance of a fire in our tight-knit community.

Of course, the week of the Fourth of July is expected, at decent hours, and by professionals for the celebration of our country. Amateurs should not be doing this at the cost and harm of others including themselves.

If given the opportunity to be elected your next State Representative. I will address this issue head on and work tirelessly to make meaningful changes and see that the State Fire Marshal’s office be responsible for overseeing the illegal fireworks in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in a more meaningful way.

Sadly, we need a solution for this issue now. To think there are stronger penalties for over-run parking meters than there are for illegal fireworks is sad. Currently it’s only a fine of $10-$100 along with confiscation of the fireworks. These individuals are willing to pay that price.

We need to make it a serious and costly offense for these individuals that seek to cause harm and destruction to others.

Michael J. McLaughlin

Candidate for State Representative

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