‘Absent, But Accounted For…’

Major John Michael Cristiano, of Everett, and Sgt. Major Tom Ardita, of Everett, read the rolls of veterans from Everett who have passed in the last year. The list was much longer this year than in past years, mostly due to the older veterans who have died from complications due to COVID-19. It was a sobering moment as the City leaders gathered at a distance to remember fallen soldiers, and those that fell to the virus this year.
Meanwhile, prior to the ceremonies, City officials held a car parade to Glenwood Cemetery
from Everett High to gather support for the non-traditional Memorial Day exercises. Here, Ray LePore shows his San Jacinto hat he wore, a memento from his service on the ship during World War II. It was the same ship that the late President George H.W. Bush also served on.

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