Shut It Down Mayor DeMaria, Supt. Tahiliani Make Quick Decision to Shut Down the City

The City of Everett moved first and fast on Thursday, March 12, shutting down all public buildings for two weeks and closing the schools until April 27.

They were drastic measures, and so early into the pandemic here, there was great concern as to how such measures would be carried out – though by Monday Everett’s moves were seen as common and the best practice.

The measures went into effect on Thursday, March 12, at 7:30 p.m.

“Massachusetts currently has 1,000 cases or more of COVID-19,” read a statement from the mayor on Thursday. “The doubling time for this virus is three to four days continuously. Health professionals have advised that our best and most valuable weapon to combat this pandemic is social distancing, community mitigation, and public health intervention. Now is the time to act.”

The measures currently in place include:

•Everett City Hall will be closed to the general public for a two-week period, reopening on March 30.

•Non-Essential City Employees shall not report to work. Those able to work remotely shall do so.

•Everett Public Schools will be closed for a period of 30 school days beginning on Friday, March 13, and returning to school on Monday, April 27. The Everett Public Schools will be providing meals-to-go from the Everett High School lobby. These lunches will be available Monday through Friday, until Friday April 17, from the hours of 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., with the exception of Good Friday, April 10. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in the Everett Public Schools or Saint Anthony’s School.

•Everett 311 will remain active during this two-week period.

•The Connolly Center will be closed during the two-week period. Those who rely on the Connolly Center for daily meals should contact Dale Palma, Program Coordinator at the Connolly Center at [email protected] or 617-394-2323.

•City Clerk’s Office: Marriage and Birth Certificates are not imminent therefore will not be available during the time of shut down. The Clerk’s Office will communicate with all those planning to be married to ensure proper paperwork is issued prior to the ceremony. Burial permits will be available during the closure. Those seeking burial permits should contact Sergio Cornelio directly at [email protected] or 617-981-0687. Those seeking a license that would be granted through the City Council or City Clerk’s Office will be issued a temporary 30-day permit to ensure compliance with Massachusetts State Law and City of Everett Charter and Ordinances.

•The Everett Public Libraries will be closed indefinitely during the two-week period. This includes both internal and external programming as well as general library functions.

•Online Bill-Pay: The City of Everett offers online bill pay for most transactions. Please utilize the City’s website, which will remain accessible until City Hall reopens.

•Parking Enforcement: The City of Everett’s parking enforcement will remain active during the two-week period.

•Permitting/Code Enforcement: Building, plumbing, electrical, and gas permits can all be issued via the City’s website.

•Fire Prevention Office in City Hall will be closed for the two-week period. The Fire Prevention Office will report to various Fire Houses and the Everett Police Department.

•The Department of Public Works will remain active during the two-week period.

•Everett Health and Wellness Center will be fully closed during the two-week period.

•All community meetings are cancelled for the two-week period.

Mayor DeMaria’s announcement indicated that the measures could be changed or re-evaluated at any time. Changes could take place if things get better or worse.

The mayor stressed that in the interim he is asking residents to learn about social distancing and how to keep one another safe during the spread of COVID-19.

“As your Mayor, I have made the commitment to always act on the best interests of the residents of our city,” he posted on Facebook. “As many of you know, I am of Italian descent. I have an abundance of family and friends that still call Italy home. I humbly ask that everyone (make an effort to) understand how social distancing and staying home can change the pandemic we are being faced with.”

For updates, check the City’s website at

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