Encore Boston Harbor Working with State, MGC on Coronavirus

Few companies in Massachusetts have the experience of dealing with the Coronavirus in the way that Encore Boston Harbor’s parent company, Wynn Resorts, has over the last two months.

Last month, the company’s resorts in Macau, China had to close for 15 days when the virus hit China during the first wave of infections. That cost them more than $2 million per day and the company also went to great lengths to protect their guests and employees.

This week, Encore reported they have been in close contact with the state Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – as well as Boston and Everett officials.

“Safeguarding the health of our guests and employees is of the highest importance,” read a statement issued by Encore. “We are in close contact with the Massachusetts Department of Health, as it is monitoring the situation along with the CDC and the Boston Public Health Commission. We will implement any health directive or protocols these agencies issue.”

As a precaution, Encore said it had proactively instituted the following measures:

•Provided hand sanitizers in public areas and back-of-house for guests and team members;

•Underscored the importance of proper hand washing and remaining vigilant about personal hygiene, following CDC recommendations;

•Increased cleaning protocols that include more frequent sanitizing of touch points such as door handles, elevator buttons, handrails, etc; and

•Encouraged a stay-at-home policy for any employee who feels unwell.

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