Everett City Council Meeting Highlights

On Monday, November 25, Council met for its regularly scheduled meeting, where it passed new measures, approved funding transfers and recognized individuals in the community.

.•Measures passed
Council enrolled the small wireless facility ordinance that has been months in the making. The ordinance sets standards for wireless companies wishing to install small cell antennas along City-owned streets.
Council also amended the existing short-term rental ordinance, which places a number of restrictions on the operators of short-term rentals managed through online booking sites like Airbnb. Rental owners can view the ordinance at the City Clerk’s office.
Council officially supported the MBTA Fiscal Management Control Board’s Commuter Rail Vision, which will bring high-speed transport to Everett for the first time.

•Funding transfers
Council approved the transfer of $7 million from the Budgetary Fund Balance to reduce the FY2020 tax levy. Coupled with the adoption earlier in the evening of the lowest minimum residential factor and the homeowner’s residential exemption, the levy reduction means real savings for Everett residents.

Council approved the transfer of $305,000 from the Budgetary Fund Balance into the Police Department Salary account.

•Community members recognized
Council approved the promotion of Lieutenants Demetri O’Malley and Paul Strong to the position of Captains in the Everett Police Department. O’Malley and Strong posed for photos with Police Chief Steve Mazzie, members of the City Council, and their families.

Council confirmed the appointment of Shayane Rangel as the newest member of the Planning Board for a term of one year beginning November 12 of this year.

Council requested that the Everett Police Department’s Animal Control Officer (ACO), Stacia Gorgone, receive special commendation for her efforts to re-home lost pets in the city through her use of social media outreach. ACO Gorgone has received numerous positive reviews from residents, including Chris Davidson, Jr. who wrote on Facebook, “She is truly compassionate about helping all animals.

She puts animals before her own personal life.” April A. Bodvar called Gorgone “one of the most hard-working, caring people I know” and Fernanda Lima Deoliveira Chaves said, “We are lucky to have her serving the Everett community.” In addition to finding lost pets, Everett Animal Control is in charge of responding to animals in distress, ensuring pet registration, investigating animal abuse complaints, and providing animal control education.

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