Cynthia Sarnie Announces Candidacy for Everett School Committee At Large

Cynthia Sarnie announces her candidacy for Everett School Committee At large; the following is her statement.

“I, Cynthia Sarnie of 30 Forest Ave, am pleased to announce my candidacy for School Committee At Large for the City of Everett. As most of you know, I have proudly represented my constituents for 10 years on the City Council.

As a lifelong resident and an Everett homeowner, my roots here in Everett are strong. The last three generations of my family, including my two children, were raised in Everett and educated in Everett Public Schools. I am employed at Century Bank and Trust as Accounting Supervisor.

I have worked to solve many issues facing our city. One of the chief concerns is the quality of life in Everett. I support youth and elderly programs, as well as the public safety departments. My unwavering dedication to my constituents and to Everett compels me to advocate for enhanced human services, quality education, and cleaner and safer neighborhoods.

I have served on committees that identify and address priority needs in the community (Finance, Rules and Ordinances, Public Safety and Public Service). While a member of the City Council, we established a program giving Everett resident’s preferential status when seeking employment with the City. I am still a strong believer on this ordinance.

Teachers play an important role in our lives. I know first-hand how important my teachers were when growing up. When I was young my father died in a tragic car accident when I was 3 months old, leaving my mom to raise four children. A few years later tragedy struck again. I was 16 when my mother passed away with breast cancer. I was a junior in high school at the time. I vividly remember my teacher Ms.Hannafit and Mr. Towers who not only took on the role of my mentor for weighing important life decisions but also a friend, who encouraged me to be strong and provided me with a trusted source of guidance. Both inspired me to work harder and peruse my goals.  I would not be here today if it was not for teachers like Ms.Hannafit and Mr. Towers.  

The value of a teacher in a student’s life cannot be overstated. The role of a teacher in 21st century education extends way beyond the classroom. In addition to being experts in all subjects taught, teachers help up build the foundation of a better tomorrow.

I have a proven track record of fighting for the citizens of Everett. I will continue to listen to your concerns and speak on your behalf. I work for you! I will work for our teachers and children! With your vote and my dedication, we can achieve results. Help me make our community a better place to live.

Vote for Cynthia Sarnie for School Committee at large.”

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