Santacroce Announces Run for School Committee Ward Three

Emphasizing that there is “no higher priority” in the City of Everett than providing the best possible education to its young citizens, Robert A. Santacroce announced his candidacy today for School Committee, Ward Three, voted city-wide.

It is Robert’s belief that the public schools educate our children and they unite the community in the common good of putting children on course to happy and productive lives.

Love of community is a theme that comes up again and again when Mr. Santacroce

discusses his candidacy for the Everett School Committee. “No one I know who loves Everett would fail to put the schools on a list of things that he or she loves about the city,” he said. “When you love Everett, you treasure its schools and you strive to keep them strong and make them even better.”

A vote for Mr. Santacroce will guarantee the citizens of Everett a new opportunity to elect an independent member of the School Committee. I will never just “go along to get along,” in order to fit in with the Committee. I know right from wrong. I am not a “yes” man. I am the independent Candidate who understands the value and importance of education.

Robert A, Santacroce is a lifelong resident of Everett and resides at 57 Englewood Avenue. He is a graduate of Malden Catholic High School and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at Merrimack College.

Robert served as a School Board member and Music Director of Saint Anthony’s School/Church in Everett. He is also a former member of Saint Anthony’s Parish Council and Finance Council. He was a former payroll clerk for the Everett Public Schools and currently, he is a tax accountant for an international software company with assets over $164 million dollars and 1,300 employees.

Robert Santacroce is ready for the enormous task of managing the multi-million dollar school budget!

Santacroce’s opponent in the election for the Ward Three seat on the School Committee has held elective office since 1984: Yes, he has been in power for 35 years. “The world at large and the City of Everett have changed enormously during the 35 years my opponent has been in office,” Santacroce said. “Three-and-a-half decades of uninterrupted political power and influence are more than enough for any one human being. I will bring much-needed new energy, new ideas and new perspectives to this important position. And, you can be darn sure that I will not try to hold on selfishly to this, or any other public office, for 35 years.”

Robert’s campaign mantra is that of Albert N. Parlin, who stated in his famous essay entitled, Character, (which is proudly displayed on the front of the Parlin School), “Faithful to every trust, loyal to every duty.”

Concluding his announcement of candidacy for School Committee, Ward Three, Mr. Santacroce said, “Education still has a way to go in Everett.” If there is one single message I can convey to the voters of Everett it would be, “Our job here is not finished and your vote counts!”

If you would like to assist in Robert’s campaign efforts, please contact him at 617-387-8610 or go to his Facebook page, Robert Santacroce for Everett School Committee Ward Three.

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