Interns Leaving Mayor’s Office After Summer’s Work

Every year the City of Everett hosts several interns to learn about public service before they head off to college. This experience provides these interns with valuable experience in the work place.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria stated, “I am proud of all the hard work our interns have done this summer and hope they will think about a career in public service.”

This year, the Inspectional Services Department hosted two interns, Nina Savage and Eva Charbonnier

Nina Savage, who will be a freshman at UMass Amherst, spent her last three summers assisting ISD. Her thirst for new knowledge always kept her coming back. “They kept teaching me new things every year,” Savage said. “They tried to give me as much experience.”

Her advice to new interns is simple: “Listen to everything everyone in the office has to say because there are a lot of knowledgeable people (in the office). There are a lot of people to learn from.”

Charbonnier’s path to her internship was a unique one. She was awarded the rare opportunity to be the Mayor for the day before working in the Mayor’s office for the summer. She then moved on to Facility Services before she was offered an intern position. 

As she moves to Emerson College with a major in Marketing, she says some of the things she learned while working in the ISD office for two years will translate, such as how to work with other people.

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