Letter to the Editor

The 2020 Everett School Department Budget

To the Editor,

This past spring, the Everett School Committee, the Everett School Administration and the city of Everett’s Chief Financial Officer, Eric Demas, prepared and reviewed the

FY 2020 School Department Budget.  The school department ‘s operating budget required an additional  $6.5 million in funding to provide the required educational programs and services to Everett’s students while maintaining smaller class sizes.  The shortfall in funding can be attributed to recent changes in the state’s Foundation Budget formula.   A collaborative effort, between the School Committee, School Administration, the Everett City Council and Mayor DeMaria, resulted in the approval of the FY 2020 School Department Budget. 

The approval of this budget, with this additional $6.5 in funding, allowed the Everett School Department to maintain its commitment to smaller class sizes, introduce new programs and eliminate the possibility of disrupting classes during the coming school year. The Everett School Administration has nearly completed hiring new employees for the 2019-2020 school year and is well prepared to open school later this month.   In previous years, we would have to wait until the state’s budget was signed by the governor prior to begin the hiring process and call back laid off employees.  The state’s FY 2020 Budget was approved and signed by Governor Baker this past week. 

I would like to thank all my colleagues on the Everett School Committee for their commitment in the preparation, review and approval of this year’s school budget especially Mr. Parker and Mr. MacLaughlin for their contribution on the Committee on Finance.  I also extend thanks to our state legislators, Sen. DiDomenico and Rep. McGonagle for their work on Beacon Hill.  Senator DiDomenico is a leading presence in the State Senate advocating for increased funding for public education and protection of our most valuable resource, our children. Collectively, my colleagues on the Everett School Committee and I will continue to work with our state legislators to advocate for legislation to increase funding for public school education, thus assuring our ability to provide quality education programs to Everett’s students.

David M. Ela Jr

School Committee

Ward IV

Chairman Subcommittee Finance

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