Pool Open : Allied Veterans Memorial Pool Gets Great Reviews

It’s finally consistently warm enough this month to hit the pool, and those in Everett who hit the Allied Veterans Pool on Elm Street will have a brand new, $2 million facility to cool off in.

Commissioner Leo Roy, of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), said the new pool had been under construction all last fall, winter and spring, opening up on June 22 to the public.

The new pool includes a zero entry system and new sun shades on the deck.

“Really this is a two-phase project in Everett,” he said. “We did the first phase last summer and that was the new spray deck…Last fall, we started the work on the new pool and deck reconstruction. The work was extensive on the pool, resurfacing the deck, completely upgrading the pool and installing shade shelters. A big change to the pool is the zero entry. That’s the biggest change because it allows people with physical challenges be able to go into the pool. They don’t need to go down steps or go down a ladder. We’re excited to have included that in this project because the Baker-Polito Administration is committed to access for everyone.”

The pool project was a $2 million expenditure, and it was combined with the $500,000 spray deck last year for a $2.5 million investment in Everett’s summer recreation program.

Roy said it shows that the administration is looking to upgrade summer activities in the urban areas, not just in the far-flung campgrounds in western Massachusetts.

“The important thing is the administration is committed to these investments to create resources and opportunities in our urban areas,” he said. “We understand that a lot of people in Everett or the region are not going to go to Lake Winnipesaukee or Cape Cod for the summer. The Allied Veterans Pool is their summer and that’s why it’s so important. The recreational facilities in underserved areas are so important to the quality of life.”

The Allied Veterans Pool was showing its age, and while heavily used, it had leaks and paint often was peeling off of the bottom. The work essentially dug out the old pool and created a brand new structure in the same footprint. Crews could be seen last fall and this spring building new walls and creating a new design of the space. The deck was also resurfaced for better traction, and new shade structures were placed along the edges to help folks cool off when out of the pool.

“We’re really happy with the pool and the spray deck and we know it will be happily used by the residents of Everett and the region,” Roy said.

Meanwhile, this week, Gov. Charlie Baker announced that the Everett pool will be part of the Summer Nights extended hours again this year.

The Summer Nights Initiative will aextend the operating hours (Thursdays in July until 7:45 p.m.; and, Thursday in August until 7:30 p.m.) through Aug.15.

“Our administration launched this program in 2015 to provide young people across the Commonwealth with the chance to participate in recreational and educational activities, and we’re proud to kick-off another summer,” said Gov. Baker. “The goal of Summer Nights is to provide safe, inclusive and fun events for kids in dozens of communities to enjoy our parks and pools and we are grateful for the organizations who participate in this program.”

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