Proverb and Post Road Residential Embrace the Pioneer Property

Proverb, a multidisciplinary branding agency in Boston, was tapped by Post Road Residential for branding and marketing assignments for their new residential property in Everett, Mass., The Pioneer, which opened in March, according to Proverb’s Managing Director, Daren Bascome.

Working with Post Road’s Andy Montelli, Proverb’s assignment for the project involved branding and creative development, including developing the brand strategy, coming up with brand name, The Pioneer, logo development, marketing materials, a custom tartan blanket as a move-in gift, and a one-of-a-kind property website, 

Everett has always been a place of growth and innovation, a thriving city growing from the pioneering sprit of the community. The Pioneer is built for the modern trailblazer offering unexpected amenity spaces that culminate in an enormous open-air courtyard decked out with a heated pool, fire pits, a Grill-zebo outdoor kitchen and even a poolside movie theater. The Pioneer also offers a 4,000 square foot fitness center equipped with a Peloton Studio and a skyline lounge roof deck.

“You Can’t Discover What You Don’t Explore” serves as The Pioneer’s rallying cry and challenges potentials residents to embrace their inner modern trailblazer.

Proverb is an agency focused on building powerful brands and creating a more thoughtful world around us. We partner with innovative real estate developers, cities, hotels, museums, architects, hospitals and other organizations that seek to transform the built environment. Our work connects with smart, sophisticated audiences, stands out from competitors and creates lasting value for our clients. For more information go to:

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