School Committee, City Issued Letter Asking Foresteire to not Attend school Events

The School Committee and the City’s Legal Department had to issue a letter last month asking former Supt. Fred Foresteire to stay away from school events and school property.

Foresteire had appeared at several school events after he resigned last December, and though it was irregular, no one was sure what to do about it.

City officials, after hearing several concerns, advised the School Committee to issue a letter asking Foresteire to stay away from school events.

“That was the case,” said School Committee Chair Tom Abruzzese. “The concern was the look that created while the investigation was still ongoing. The fact is there potentially could be witnesses or someone else he could bump into. It’s just not a good look.”

City Solicitor Colleen Mejia, through the Mayor’s Office, said they did advise the Committee against allowing Foresteire at events.

“That is accurate in terms of the City’s concerns and in that the Legal Department has had discussions with the School Committee,” read a statement from the Mayor’s Office. “We do support it.”

Abruzzese said the City did ask them to, and they agreed it was a good idea. The letter is confidential, and not public, but it was confirmed that it existed.

“The City Solicitor actually advised us there could be a potential liability issue if these cases come out a certain way,” he said. “Keep in mind, these cases are filed against the (former) superintendent and the School Committee. The School Committee represents the City. We have to watch out for the City and the individual involved.”

Since the letter went out, there have been no concerns over Foresteire attending school- or City-sanctioned events.

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