Foresteire Resigns From Everett Housing Authority Board

With the charges against former Supt. Fred Foresteire leveled Tuesday, new attention immediately was brought to his service on the Everett Housing Authority (EHA) board, and news traveled fast that Foresteire quietly had resigned from that seat recently.

In a letter dated Feb. 13, Foresteire indicated he would resign from the Board effective Feb. 15.

Foresteire has been on the EHA board as the governor’s appointment for some time, and has served for many governors, including Gov. Charlie Baker.

In conversations earlier this year, upon learning of the allegations against Foresteire, the Independent inquired of Foresteire’s EHA seat. The governor’s office at the time said they have heard of the investigations into Foresteire, but they cannot unilaterally remove Foresteire.

“Governor Baker believes there be should zero tolerance for sexual harassment, especially in our schools, and the administration supports a full and thorough investigation of the matter in a timely fashion,” said Brendan Moss of the governor’s office.

The legal process for removing someone from a local Housing Authority board calls for several steps before one can be removed. The responsibility for getting the process started and removing members lies with the City Council and the mayor.

They are empowered to “make and receive . . .  written charges against any member of a housing or redevelopment authority in such city or town appointed by the department [of housing and community development],” read the state law.

If there are written charges, it lies upon the mayor and City Council to refer those charges, which now exist in the Foresteire case, to the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), as well as the governor’s office.

The law says the standard for which a member must adhere to include: “inefficiency, neglect of duty or misconduct in office.”

The member must also be given notice and opportunity for a hearing on his or her removal.

However, with the resignation, none of that process was necessary.

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