Slain Utah Police Officer Grew Up in Everett

Provo Police officer Joe Shinners, a 29-year-old native of Everett, was shot and killed by a wanted fugitive in Utah on Jan. 5 during an altercation.

Shinners, whose father lives in Everett and is a retired fire captain, had stopped the fugitive and a shootout occurred between the officer and Matt Hoover, 40.

Hoover shot his weapon at the same time as Shinners, and hit the officer fatally. A shot from the officer hit Hoover as well, but he is expected to recover.

Shinners was trying to take Hoover into custody around 10 p.m. when he was shot. He died at the hospital around midnight.

He was a three-year veteran of the department.

He was married and had a one-year-old son.

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