A Good Diehl:Everett Police Unions Endorse Diehl for U.S. Senate

The Everett Police Unions have taken a step into the red Ð that being the red of Republicans in endorsing Republican Senate candidate Geoff Diehl for the U.S. Senate seat.

The move by the two unions, Local 94 and 95, goes with the recent tendency by law enforcement to spurn the sitting Sen. Elizabeth Warren after she made comments last month that the criminal justice system is racist backward and forward.

Everett officers said on Monday at the enVision Hotel that they are supporting Diehl, who is a state representative, because he has a history of supporting law enforcement financially and in spirit. They also said Warren’s recent comments were not lost on them in the matter.

“Those comments did have an effect,” said Officer John Mazzie. “To make a blanket statement like that about the whole criminal justice system being racist was not right. We took that to mean us as well. We had already been starting the process with Geoff, but her comments did not help the situation.”

Everett Lt. Jim Gabriel of Local 95 and Det. Bobby Hall of Local 94 were both on hand with a group of members from the union on Monday. All said they were glad to support a candidate ready to consider law enforcement in a time where few are ready to champion the cause of the cops.

“Law enforcement needs a Senator who will support them,” said Gabriel. “Like many of my fellow police officers, I was outraged with Senator Warren calling the entire criminal justice system racists from front to back.  We have lost too many fellow officers this year in Massachusetts.  We hear her loud and clear.  That’s why we are proud to support Geoff Diehl for U.S. Senate.”

Hall said Warren had never reached out to them for their endorsement, and they were not excited about her position either.

“It was nice to hear from Geoff and to see a politician standing with police officers and not against us,” said Hall.

Said Diehl, “I am honored to have the support of these dedicated police officers who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.  They humble me with their endorsement. This important endorsement emphasizes that I am the law and order candidate who will make public safety a priority.  I am committed to proudly supporting our law enforcement officials who bravely serve our community every day.”

Diehl is currently in a campaign with a handful of candidates for the Republican primary on Sept. 4, and if he wins, he will likely face Sen. Warren. Diehl has been a long-time state representative on the Republican side and has won great respect in the legislature.

He made a name for himself in Massachusetts by being one of President Donald Trump’s first supporters and a leader in the local Trump campaign.

That piece of politics in a diverse city like Everett likely won’t be popular with everyone, but Diehl said the issue is more grass roots than national politics.

He said going back to the days when he was on the Whitman Town Council’s Finance Committee, he was intrigued by the needs of police officers and always supported their requests.

He said that has led him to a respect for law enforcement in the State House, and he said he is happy to continue that in the U.S. Senate, if elected.

A native of Bethlehem, PA, Diehl came to Massachusetts where his wife grew up. Here, he has embarked on a long political career that he said he hopes will extend to Washington, D.C.

The Everett Police Executive Board member includes:  Patrolman’s Robert Hall, Anthony Flammia III, David Butler, Anthony Dinuccio, Superior Officers, James Gabriel, Steve Panzani, Christopher Hannon and Sabatino Rozza.  Making the presentation to Diehl was Sgt. John Mazzie, Lt. James Gabriel and Det. Robert Hall.

There are 125 members of the Everett Police Officer’s Association.

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