Thank You to My Family, the Residents of Everett, and All the Volunteers

By: Mayor Carlo DeMaria

I want to thank the voters of Everett for re-electing me Mayor last week. I want to take this opportunity to thank my wife for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to serve as Mayor of the City of Everett. This job tends to be very hard on my wife and kids due to its extreme demands and of lately the high profile position it has become since the Wynn project. It takes a special woman to stand by her husband in not just all the good times, but also the more trying times. I thank Stacy and our three children for their patience and understanding and love throughout!

I also want to give my deepest thanks to all of the volunteers who worked so hard for this campaign. Your time and commitment has been amazing and you all mean the world to me.

And to the voters of Everett and the 74 percent that cast a vote for me I am honored and humbled that you once again have placed your trust in me for another four years. My administration and I will continue to work tirelessly on your behalf to help address challenges, and secure lasting and meaningful improvements to your quality of life. We will continue to move ahead with so many projects at an aggressive pace for the next 10 years, because I am not yet satisfied. I want to grow businesses in Everett and attract new ones, perhaps in advanced manufacturing. Looking to the future, I envision incubator space and start-ups in Everett Square to foster the ambitions of creative and entrepreneurial residents right here. I look for Everett to become a destination city for visitors from abroad, visitors from across the country, and visitors from cities next door.

We have before us the opportunity of a lifetime, the opportunity to transform in a short period of time into a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable city that will serve as a national model of urban revitalization. We will build a city where prosperity can be achieved by all of our residents, where hard work will pave the way to a secure economic future for a person and his or her family.

I ask you all to join me in first envisioning, and then creating, a city where all residents have access to good jobs, where they can get the training they need to attain jobs right here in Everett that pay them a living wage- a wage that allows them to buy a home instead of renting, or to save for their children’s college education. The beauty of this vision is that we can do it, and we will do it together. The support I felt last week was incredible and I owe it to you. Again, I thank you for the opportunity to serve.

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