City Clerk Selection Process Starts This Month, Applications Coming In

By Seth Daniel

The City has advertised the position of City Clerk to the general public, and City Council officials said this week that they are preparing an official process to move forward – with a new Clerk expected to be picked in the first week of August.

So far, as of Monday afternoon, two candidates had applied, and a special meeting of the Legislative Affairs Committee had been called for July 24 to interview all the candidates.

So far, Assistant City Clerk Sergio Cornelio has applied, and one other candidate, Daniel Auger – a former staffer for former New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Other candidates are expected to apply before the deadline.

“There is a Legislative Affairs and Elections Committee meeting set for July 24,” said Council President Anthony DiPierro. “That will be where they interview the candidates in an Executive Session. That committee will make recommendations to the full body. The recommendation could be for one person or for multiple people.”

President DiPierro said he plans to call a meeting for the first week of August, perhaps on Thursday, Aug. 3. That special meeting will be the venue where the new City Clerk is selected.

The selection requires a simple majority of six votes, and the Clerk’s position is completely under the purview of the City Council. The previous clerk served for a life tenure under the old charter, but any new clerk will serve a five-year renewable term.

“We’re definitely looking for someone energetic and handle all of the personalities on the Council and work well with all of us,” said DiPierro.

The Chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee is Councilor John Hanlon, who was former City Clerk in Everett for many years.

Hanlon wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Councilor Michael McLaughlin, who serves on the Committee, said he would go into the Executive Session interviews with a completely open mind.

“As a member of the committee, I am certainly going into this interview process with an open mind,” he said. “It’s not a personal decision, but a decision that will be about what’s best for the City as a whole. Even though one candidate is a childhood friend, I can’t make decisions as a City Councilor based on a friendship.”

McLaughlin said the decision will be a crucial one, as he believes the City is at a real turning point.

“This City is at a pivotal point right now and this is the official record keeper for the City,” he said. “There are changes happening in every aspect and this is a turning point. I want to make sure the new City Clerk understands Everett and the current prosperity the City now finds itself in.”

The newly appointed City Clerk would replace long-time Clerk Michael Matarazzo, who officially retired from the position on June 29.

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