Nightshift Brewery Named ‘Best Brewery’ in Boston

By Seth Daniel

Boston’s ground zero for fresh beer has long been known in most circles as being right in Everett, but Boston Magazine cemented the title recently when it named Night Shift Brewery on Santilli Highway the Best Brewery in Boston.

The popular taproom and brew house in Everett won Boston Magazine’s Staff Poll and Reader’s Poll for Best Brewery, which premiered in the June 23 issue.

Night Shift won the magazine’s Best New Brewery category in 2015, but getting the double win was exciting said Co-Founder Michael Oxton.

“It was awesome when we found out,” he said. “It’s a huge honor…and it’s a nice double win…I wouldn’t say we feel we’re the #1 brewery in Boston hands down. The honor isn’t all encompassing. It depends on everyone’s tastes. We’re certainly in the conversation of being the best brewery and that means we have an exciting experience, an exciting tap room and exciting beers…I like to think it represents and means we’re not necessarily just producing the best beers or have the best tap room. I like to think it means we provide the best overall brewery experience…It’s a cumulative effect.”

Mayor Carlo DeMaria praised the brewery and said it comes due to their hard work at the Everett headquarters.

“Congratulations to Night Shift Brewery for being named Best Brewery by Boston Magazine,” he said. “This recognition is a result of their hard work and efforts that they continue to show and highlight.”

Oxton said the brewery is very excited to have located in Everett five years ago, and to have expanded last summer at their current location.

“I think you’re seeing changes happening in Everett all over the place,” he said. “Us being located in Everett five years has put us in with those changes. I like to think we’re growing with the city. We’re experienced changes year over year and it’s nice to see things growing in Everett in general. I believe we’re all complementing one another in Everett.”

And speaking of complements, Oxton said he couldn’t let any such award pass without crediting his staff – which now includes more than 60 employees.

“It represents the collective efforts of our team,” he said. “I don’t think it was personally as exciting for me, but it was really something where it’s the collective efforts we celebrate with out staff.”

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