Council Declines to Act in Tenant- Landlord Dispute

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

A tenant and landlord dispute between a property owner on Mystic Street and the business operating at that location, which has ended up in court, nearly spilled over into the City Council Monday night after Councilor John Hanlon asked his colleagues to revoke the business license on a technicality.

However, after hearing from City Solicitor Colleen Mejia and Commissioner of Inspectional Services James Soper, the Council decided to take no action on the license, as the business is not creating any risk to the public.

Councilor Peter Napolitano noted that with no risk to the public, he finds it hard to vote to rescind a properly awarded license renewal, which would impact the ability of both the business owner and the property owner to earn a living.

The dispute rose to the Council’s attention two weeks ago when Councilor Hanlon asked the body to investigate whether there was cause to rescind the license based in part on Building Department violations that had resulted in fines.

The result of the investigation by the Council was that the fines had been paid and there were no safety or hazard concerns, and there have been no complaints or issues with the business.

After deliberating the subject for 20 minutes, the Council determined that the only issue still in doubt is between the landlord and tenant and that matter is already in court.

The Council voted 10-1 to refer the matter back to the sponsor, Councilor Hanlon, thus closing the issue with the City Council.

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