Great Homecoming

Saturday was the perfect fall day.  Brisk temperatures in the 60’s and brilliant sun made living in New England a joy.

On Saturday Everett officials put together an unbelievable homecoming festivities from the breakfast to the parade to the football game.

Thanks for such an event go to many people.  But we would like to single out Supt. of Schools Fred Foresteire who has been spearheading this event for years.

Pride in one’s community is what makes that community unique.

Everett certainly has its share of successes to shout out.  With Wynn Resort now coming to brick and mortar stage, to the continued excellence of the Everett schools, citizens can proudly say that they come from the City of Everett.

Last Saturday was just the visible manifestation of this community pride.

Of course last but not least, the Everett High football team’s victory over St. John’s Prep 35-14 before thousands of fellow citizens was just the perfect end to a perfect day.

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