Three Mystic Valley Players Named Baseball All-Stars;O’Connor MVP

The Commonwealth Athletic Conference All-Star Baseball team has three players from Mystic Valley, seniors Brandon Loesch of Everett and Matt O’Connor and Sophomore Hunter Kreis. O’Connor was also named conference MVP.

Mystic Valley’s Head Coach, Ernie Ardolino, was very happy for his players and offered praise for all three:

Matt O’Connor was not only the best player on the team but also the best player in the league, winning the CAC MVP for the second year in a row. He hit .607, breaking the school record of .533, with 3 homeruns and 20 RBI’s. On the mound Matty went up against all the top teams, he was 6-3 with a 1.10 ERA while registering 52 K’s. Matt will be the first Mystic Valley baseball player to play in Division 1 at the college level when he pitches for U Lowell.

Brandon Loesch waited until his senior year to have his best season. Brandon did not make an error this whole season, playing a solid RF and hitting .333. Each day Brandon quietly went about his business, working hard and showing the younger the kids the right way to play the game.

Sophomore Hunter Kreis was a great surprise this year, like so many others he played above expectations all year. As the season went on he became more and more confident, that showed in the way he finished the season. He will be one of our top pitchers next year and will be a middle of the order bat. Hunter hit .384 and went 4-1 on the mound.

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